Terrazzo floor restoration and polishing New York City

Terrazzo Floor Restoration and Polishing in New York City

Terrazzo Cleaning, Repair & Polishing in NYC

Our company provides a full range of services for the Restoration and Polishing of terrazzo floors in New York City. A team of highly skilled experts working with terrazzo floor Restoration with extensive experience.

To improve the visual and technical properties of the terrazzo floor, we recommend polishing it at least once every six months, with a polymeric coating that protects and increases the resistance of the terrazzo floor to abrasion, giving it a beautiful shine and aesthetic appearance.

What is a terrazzo floor made of?

They say the terrazzo secret was discovered by chance. The medieval Venetian master simply dropped pieces of glass and colorful pebbles into the wet solution. This is how the floor of amazing beauty came out – sparkling, playing with colors, really expensive.

Terrazzo floors are hard mosaic floors for which the material is marble and granite fragments of various sizes. Such floors provide almost unlimited space for the application of design ideas. Terrazzo is used for both interior decoration and patio decoration.

High resistance to abrasion loads allows these floors to use in areas with high pedestrian traffic.

We have been specializing in the market for the restoration and maintenance of terrazzo floors in New York for over 18 years.

We understand and appreciate the peculiarities of the work and the quality of its execution. Our company conscientiously and responsibly approaches the tasks of maintaining and restoring terrazzo floors.

Restoration, grinding, polishing, crystallization, and protection – floors, walls, and stairs at competitive prices!

In order for stone floors to retain their natural color and texture over time, they need professional care. Timely execution of such work will allow the material to return to its original shape, and will also prevent gradual wear and tear.

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